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Whilst searching the internet for hotel websites, I noticed an interesting thing – the majority of websites for hotels are boring… very boring! A lot of them are made without commitment, without imaginativeness, and without a solid idea or much thought behind them (In my opinion).

Storytelling has been a very important trend for a long time now, in the hotel industry and not only in this industry. So let’s answer the question: Is your hotel website attractive?

Everyone has a story to tell, happy, sad, intriguing. It’s up to us how we show ourselves online. A story can be interesting, if you approach it properly and if you know what you want to tell people who visit your site. You have to take a chance and go beyond a boring template, and then, guests will remember your site and share their interesting discovery.

I remember from my childhood when I sat with my Nana and was hypnotized as I listened with my mouth open, as she told me about her childhood experiences during the Second World War. How her world looked back then, and how everything was so different from what my world looks like now.

This is storytelling. Not an ordinary story, rather a story you will never forget. Which will make you ready to hear more. We hear many stories in life – some long, some short, some interesting and many uninteresting. Consider for a moment what distinguishes these good stories from those bad ones.

Let’s do everything to let what you want to convey to people visiting your website to stay longer and discover more. So that at the back of their minds it reminds them that they were on your site and not another hotel’s site – and it was a great experience.

The main purpose of storytelling is to influence the imagination. Your story must inspire someone and be interesting. Let’s give something that will allow guests to look at us with respect and admiration. Let’s give them a character who will be a leader or a visionary. It will go beyond the standards. In the story of history, it is not the story itself that is the most important, but the way in which we tell it. So that in the mind of the reader, images of what you are talking about have arisen. This experience should be strong and intriguing enough to influence visitors to make a purchasing decision. A good site is a basis for complete marketing in the hotel industry. There is nothing better than to combine all activities into one whole and create a great story.

Your website content is not a story yet. The fact that we will talk about what we have and that it is great does not mean that we are saying something interesting or worth the visitor’s attention. Let’s tell your story, how you created what you have now. Or, what was the history of this place before. Let’s give your guests something interesting. Use what you have and create your own story, together with people who are part of it.

What can you do?

You can create a new website, or update your old one. Tell your story. You can do it in the form of film, photos or graphic content. You have to tell your story, so let’s choose how you want to do it. Your website is your place to show off.

Today, basically everyone wants to tell their story. The idea is to tell it well and in its own way.

The biggest brands, not just hotels, share their story. Advertising campaigns, building awareness of guests, promotional activities. This is all based on storytelling, It all depends on us, from our idea. Who doesn’t love the atmosphere or the Magic of Christmas? Everyone loves it. If we have doubts as to whether this is a good solution, just look at how much other brands gain from it. Both from the hotel sector, but not only.

Your website is as a good place to show a story as a movie in the cinema. Maybe even better, because it will allow your client to get to know your story in comfortable home conditions. The internet also gives the possibility of interaction, thanks to which the recipient can easily understand the story. How does it look in practice? In the beginning, it is worth considering what you want to tell. Whether it’s about presenting the brand’s history, a new product, or maybe just encouraging you to buy it. Who will be the hero? The product? the customer? or your company? Will there be any Brand Hero? What tools will you use? Movies, graphics, or maybe animation? In response to these questions, an experienced content marketing specialist will certainly help you. Together, you are able to develop an ideal scenario that tells your story in the most interesting way to customers.

If we do it with due diligence and ingenuity, we will be able to arouse the emotions in the recipients, that is our potential guests.

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