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Web push notifications is the name of the new internet marketing channel, which is available globally from April 2015. This is a technology that gives you the ability to communicate in real time, just when your visitors are browsing a product and even when he/she has left your website.

Thanks to the wide possibilities of this application, they gained sympathy both of marketers and website visitors in a rapid pace.

What are web push notifications and what do they look like? These are small windows appearing in the corner of the screen, containing graphics and short text. After clicking it, the user is moved to any defined URL.

The most visually version of the web push is the so-called rich push. What is the difference between them? Well, rich push is displayed only in the Google Chrome browser and contains additional space for more graphics, so we can better present our product or service.

Web push messages differ in appearance depending on which web browser they are displayed on.

In the Mozilla Firefox browser (Linux operating system), they are slightly smaller than on Google Chrome and in addition are more visible. The URL from which the notification was sent is also not displayed on them.

Only Google Chrome allows you to use additional notification features as a larger image, about 200 pixels wide, which makes the notification even more visible on the visitors’ desktop and the product presented attracts more attention. And also action buttons, or two alternative links, which can be placed in the notification under the appropriate call-to-action, which allows you to even more strongly engage the visitors in the interaction or get to know his preferences regarding the communication. It is worth remembering, because 53% of recipients prefer notifications in this version (PushCrew report 2018).

Why web push notifications appealed to marketers so much? All thanks to a very simple mechanism of action and relatively small limitations in displaying the notification. What we need to run them is a special tool for sending a web push or a good auto marketing system tool. The only action required from the users of your site is to allow this type of communication in their browser.

From that moment, each notification will be delivered to persons who have given their consent. This is regardless of their behaviour at any given time: whether they will be on your website, the competition site or browse the mailbox. All they need to do is have a browser running, from which they accepted web push. This means that your campaigns will be delivered immediately when you click the ‘Submit’ button and you do not have to worry about cookies or anti-spam filters or ad blocking software.

Such an activities is extremely beneficial from the marketer’s point of view, because it does not require any additional consents to send different messages to its recipients without any problems. Web push can be displayed both on the desktop and on the mobile. It increases the possibilities of use and allows omni-channel operation. What is also important, the process of creating the notification itself is extremely fast and uncomplicated.

To enable web push notifications on your website, just paste a small script into website code. Once you do this, you can also choose how often the form will be displayed to your website visitors and how long it will take after entering the site.

To cancel the subscription, your website visitors, have to change the settings in their web browser, which means that there is no threat from spammers in this channel. If the recipient does not sign up for notifications on their own, they will not receive them.

Web push notifications are supported by the largest modern internet browsers and mobile platforms, offering a range of about 80% of Internet users in the world. It can also be very effective tool for you as communication channel – using for those recipients who avoid newsletter due to spam.

Wondering how quickly you build your own web push database and if it has a chance to be as big as your email database?

Web push, due to the high visibility of the notification, creates a strong sense of urgency. The mere response to the notification requires only a few seconds (closing or clicking), therefore the average rate of clicks of web push notifications is 20%, which is 5 times more than in the case of email marketing. It’s easy to verify the potential of this communication channel for your company by multiplying the indicator by the number of unique users of your site.

Web push notifications will work for all companies that want to be in constant contact with their customers and build a committed community around their brand.

Depending on the function performed, the campaigns in the web push channel can fulfil two main roles:

  • sales (by generating user traffic, advanced targeting of dedicated discounts, up-selling and cross-selling activities),
  • company image (through the distribution of guide content, inspiration for the use of purchased products, knowledge necessary in a conscious purchasing process

Due to the possibility of interacting with the recipient using the web push during the shopping process and automatic response to its operation on the website, it is also an effective channel for optimising conversions on the website or in the online store.

What content can you send using the web push?

There are many possibilities. They depend mainly on the industry in which you operate. In a big simplification, we can divide messages into promotional and informational ones. It definitely does not reflect the potential of using this functionality. Below you will find examples of campaigns from various industries, implemented using web push and rich web push notifications. However, it should be remembered that it is still just a small part of the possibilities. The only limit is our imagination.

  1. News, promotions and sales – As it is not difficult to guess, web push and rich push notifications revolutionised the e-commerce industry by providing an effective channel to promote products. Thanks to the ability to deliver messages in real-time, they are often more effective than traditional mailing. This solution will be especially useful in the case of short-term offers.
  2. Campaigns saving abandoned shopping checkouts – In e-commerce, only every third basket ends with a purchase. Customers often compare offers between stores and give themselves time to choose the best one. While e-commerces offer larger discounts, free delivery and other amenities, marketers have to adapt shopping-cart campaigns to increasingly demanding customers. Often, it’s not enough to just send e-mail, reminding you of unfinished shopping. You can also recover abandoned checkout using recommendations directly on the website or in the social media campaign.
  3. Win-back campaigns – Did you know that an average of 25% of your contact database is inactive and / or out of date each year? If you do not apply yet web push notifications, as one of the stages of your win-back campaign, or even worse, you do not do such activities at all, you should start immediately. Web push will also work as ‘reminders’ before Christmas or Valentines. This is a good opportunity to bring long-unseen customers back to your web store.
  4. Tips and new blog articles – Web push notifications are not just a sales tool, to promote bestsellers, or to announce sales and new products. It is also an excellent information channel. By covering your users only with commercial offers, they can get bored quickly. In the worst case, they will block messages in the browser, which will result in the lack of any notifications from your domain. If you run a blog, follow news from the industry or operate in B2B, focus on content and remind about new articles using web push.
  5. Facts, news and events – Thanks to the possibility of sending notifications in real-time and delivering them whenever the browser is running, web push has become a great tool for information portals. As you know, the goal is to inform users about events from the country and the world as soon as possible, as well as to provide news before the competition.
  6. Services, B2B, SaaS – Are you launching a new product, introducing a new service or organizing a webinar for your potential partners? Be sure to include the sending of notifications to the promotion plan. Advantages: quickly, simply and directly on the screen, no matter where you are. Notification can also be a reminder of the upcoming date of the meeting or the lack of confirmation of participation in the training or encouragement to take part in the survey after using your services.

Web push notifications are a versatile, simple and effective tool, which is why we can use them in virtually any type of campaign. However, before you start to use them eagerly at every opportunity, remember some good advice:

  • As in every communication channel, moderation is important – if you cover subscribers with your notifications at any time, they will block them.
  • Try to maximize the content – segment your database and provide exactly the information that your users expect.
  • Use catchy but short text – do not forget that in case of rich web push notifications, the first violin plays the graphics.
  • Enable the use of notifications for your omni-channel activities – make them consistent with the rest of the activities and complete the whole company image.
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