Rescue Mission – SEO during Pandemic

seo during pandemic

Coronavirus, quarantine, pandemic – now these words reign in all media, and they are the preoccupations of all of us. Entrepreneurs are clutching their heads and are already planning how to fight the crisis while limiting their spending on marketing activities. And it is SEO activities during a pandemic that can save companies from bankruptcy. Why is it worth taking care of the results on the Internet in these difficult times?

There have been as many plagues as wars in history, yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise.

‘The Plague’ Albert Camus

SEO during a pandemic – why it is not worth suspend actions

And although all the scientists unanimously announced that the next epidemic is a matter of time, no one expected that in the spring of 2020 we will start enclosed in four walls. Of course, entrepreneurs could not have foreseen this when planning the marketing strategy for the whole year. When the coronavirus in Europe began to go crazy, many companies faced an extremely difficult task – how to survive in the plague. There is no single effective remedy for people. However, we can explain why it is worth conducting SEO during a pandemic and what actions will be most effective. For many companies, this can be a real anti-crisis lifebuoy.

Internet like a big market

We have been observing the online shopping trend for quite some years. We spend more and more time in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone, so we do more and more things online. While on the Internet, we can listen to music, talk to friends, polish a foreign language, submit an official form and of course buy almost anything. It can be said that the world has long been unconsciously getting ready for such a black scenario and forced lockdown, transferring virtually all businesses to the Internet. Now online shopping is not only the most convenient but also the safest way to get the things you need. So if you sell your products or services through a website, now is a good time to promote your business. Right now, when most people are surfing the Internet every day. Even if the user does not decide to shop yet, there is a good chance that you will be remembered, and the customer will come back to you in calmer times.

Smart and tailored SEO during a pandemic

The SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak has significantly changed user behaviour on the Internet, as well as searches. It is known that people mainly look for information about coronavirus (what are the symptoms of coronavirus, how to protect against the virus, etc.), but not only. The most popular are protective agents, such as masks and gloves as well as sanitiser liquids and antibacterial gels. If you don’t work in such an industry, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do effective SEO during a pandemic. Cosmetic stores can promote, for example, skincare products with soap scrub and disinfection. Furniture companies can focus on inspiring people – after all, we spend most of our time at home now, and many of us can now plan a major refurbishment after the pandemic. And everyone will carefully write down links with furniture or decorations from your latest collection. Animal stores can flourish – after all, dogs are a legal pass for owners to leave the house. Travel agencies have a difficult task, but they can and should use this time for SEO activities. Of course, nobody in their right mind will now advertise abroad trips, but you can bring the world closer to users. Do not promote trips to Bergamo. Show how beautiful the place is with an old tradition and remind us why it is worth taking care of your health and the health of others – so that we can return to normal as soon as possible and go on our exotic holidays.

Users education

You can also use the time of social quarantine to educate the public – both present your product to them, but also remind them to take precautionary measures. You ask why a company selling car parts should teach people how to wash their hands? Well, because it has long been proven that the customer does not buy just a product. He also indirectly buys a brand whose philosophy he wants to identify with. Your company’s commitment to helping others will not be forgotten.

SEO during a pandemic – save what you have

We are afraid of coronavirus losses and we are already counting how much time it will take to recover your business. And do you remember how much time you fought to achieve satisfactory positions on Google? How many times have you analysed key phrases to meet the tastes of users? Good SEO does not come from thin air, it is the result of many complex actions. It is also not a sprint, but a marathon and for effects, we need to wait a long time. Then think about whether you want to cross out all this effort and then build everything again? The sneaky virus will cause enough trouble, it makes no sense to add more and expose yourself to additional financial losses.

Key optimisation of actions

It is worth thinking about whether you need to make changes to promotional activities. It will be useful to re-analyse key phrases and results in Google Search Console. They will show the direction of SEO activities during a pandemic, sometimes showing quite surprising results. Significant changes in the company’s operations may be necessary, but they are the ones that can protect it from the serious effects of coronavirus. Don’t be afraid – some changes are inevitable. It’s also good to get Google Trends advice and review the most popular topics at the time. Maybe they will inspire you to something new.

It will be beautiful yet, it will be normal yet

Although it may be hard to believe now, the coronavirus pandemic will end sometime. Maybe not in two weeks, but still – one day it will be better. And now you must prepare your business for life after coronavirus. Don’t let Google robots forget about you during this time.

In early May, Google announced changes to the algorithm – core update. A routine update, which, as with previous ones of this type, should not require making very invasive modifications on the websites. As you can see, Goggle doesn’t have a coronavirus and works all the time, and their crawling robots are constantly checking the Internet.

Also, don’t miss the market changes and react to changes in social trends regularly. You don’t have to do it yourself, it’s better to seek the advice of experienced SEO specialists. After careful analysis, they will advise you on what to focus on SEO during and after a pandemic. Companies can use this time in one more way – broaden their knowledge and take care of projects for which there was no time. Maybe now is the moment.

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