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A day will come when the long-delayed decision about your new Ecommerce shop that has been keeping you awake during all those nights will have to be made. All the problems might end at this point (that would certainly be great) but it may just as well turn out that the nightmare has just begun!

Choosing the best company to design your Ecommerce shop is not just a matter of googling such keywords as ‘ecommerce shop’, ‘online shop design’ or ‘ecommerce website’. Neither is it enough to carefully examine the designer’s portfolio or send a couple of emails to resolve any doubts – no, this alone will not guarantee success!

It doesn’t take more than a minute to find a company whose online portfolio is painfully different from what they are actually able to offer. There are at least as many ways to CONVINCE you that you’ve made the right choice as there are companies offering website design. Sadly, in this ongoing war it is the client who suffers most, left on his own with all the frustration and an online shop that neither resembles what was there in the portfolio nor does it bring any profit. Not to mention the fact that to deal with this situation for good you usually have to spend money once more!

We’re already past the Google stage. Let’s imagine that we’ve already been impressed by a couple of companies. Now that they’ve won our trust, they’ve also become the potential designers of our online shop. Every company will do its best to show off, so we can assume their main sites don’t raise any doubts. They are aesthetic, professionally designed and run – that’s the standard. In order to determine whether the company goes with the times instead of being a bunch of ignorants ready to leave you at the end of Internet where no client ever comes, try to follow two simple steps:

  • Check whether the company is present in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.). Is it compulsory? Well, it probably isn’t, but it’s always worth considering whether a company who can’t promote its own service is able to promote yours.
  • Check the website of the company you’ve chosen runs well on your mobile phone or other such devices. If it is compatible with your PC or notebook, but also your iPad and mobile phone and the like, it definitely suggests that the company is well informed of what the trends are. If you’re not sure yet whether to choose it or not, then at least you have a strong argument FOR!

We’ve gone past the first tests: phew, it was hard but we’ve made it. This usually the point at which we click the portfolio tab. Yes yes, you won’t believe your eyes! You’ll see things you’ve never seen before: websites so attractive and professional that the decision will be made before you’ve even finished watching the actual sample websites!

But wait, wait… Haven’t you noticed the difference between the main site and those presented in the portfolio? This difference is not that hard to explain: the designer will tell you, ‘the site was designed a couple of years ago but we are developing rapidly, so the portfolio sites look more up-to-date’. Perhaps it is so, but remember: these are the companies that create the internet as we know it today. If a company’s site is not updated on a regular basis, you should simply seek some other web developer.

If, on the other hand, there are no bigger differences between the portfolio and the main site, it is worth spending a while and looking at the sample sites more carefully. This is usually the most important stage: every mistake made here can result in the future failure of your business.

Open the portfolio tab. You can now click the sample screenshot of an online shop, zoom it in to examine the details and… That’s all. No link to check how it works ‘live’. What a shame. Let’s open the next one, then next and next… It really is a shame: such lovely, professionally looking sites, all of them inaccessible. At this point you will probably be determined to email the designer and ask them why it is so (after all, the company seems worth it).

Great, the answer was a matter of minutes (which is a pro, mind you). Professional and comprehensive (next pro), it goes as follows:

  1. ‘Unfortunately, we do not provide links to the Clients’ websites because not every Client allows us to sign their online shop with our name: if so, why should we advertise them?’ True fact. We at LoveArtDesign do this as well.
  2. ‘Unfortunately, too many stores close due to reasons beyond our control, which makes it necessary to update the links too often. As a result, the portfolio becomes less clear and attractive.’ This is also a fact.
  3. ‘Unfortunately, we do not advertise other sites by providing links to them for free.’ This should raise serious doubts, as it is in this case that the company has many possibilities to take you for a ride:
    • They have only designed one or two ecommerce shops so far and these are available online, while the jpegs you can see are only there to make the designer portfolio more professional. This happens not only to online shops, but also to other websites, logos and the like.
    • They haven’t sold ANYTHING yet; all they have are Photoshop designs that they haven’t managed to sell. For obvious reasons, they have nothing to provide a link to. This may seem terrifying, but mind you, it could be worse: some designers take screenshots of other stores and present them as their own!

Let us say it once again: the portfolio must be as professional as possible, with working links to websites that really are there. Why is it so important? Because it gives you a chance to see what the site actually looks like, how it works and how its owner manages to maintain it. Remember, you will probably have to do the same in the near future!

Does it all disqualify new companies? Of course it doesn’t, but our decision ought to be made on the basis of some facts – in this case it’s a bit problematic. Still, we haven’t lost our common sense, have we?

We’ve made it once again! Armed with knowledge and common sense, we have managed to go past the barriers that guarded the company’s secrets; now that we’re at the enemy’s backyard, we should examine the details. We have noticed how professional the contact with the client is: all our questions were answered quickly and comprehensively. The rich portfolio has proven that the company is both experienced and well informed of what’s going on in the business. We already know their website by heart because we’ve spent hours checking if everything works fine. It does.

If so, the time has come for the final hailstorm of questions. Feel free to ask any of these:

  • What does the Ecommerce package contain? What exactly do we get apart from the design, installation and assistance in case of any issues?
  • What Ecommerce engine or platform do you recommend? (Magento, WooCoomerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, eBay or Amazon)
  • When will you start working with my online shop and what the process looks like?

These are just a couple of useful questions, simple but incredibly important. They are the absolute basis on which you will make a decision affecting your business for the next couple of years. There will always be a hint of distrust, since all the contracts signed on the internet make it difficult for you to check who your money really goes to. This is precisely why I’ve decided to spend some time and write this artickle for you. Remember that not only the designers of Ecommerce shops, but also other businessmen operating solely on the internet may be tempted to offer you low quality service just because you’re not experienced enough to recognize it beforehand.

You can also use PayPal for payment: this will guarantee that your money is safe if anything goes wrong and that whatever happens, you will be answered.
PayPal, money, payment… These words hurt, we know, but this is why we have to mention them here. How much should an online shop cost? In my opinion, it depends on what you get. After all, it’s not only graphics, development and automatic tools. It’s also all the post-sales assistance you are offered (including online shop promotion tips) and the stability of hosting. These are the elements of the final product you’re paying for. If you asked me about the adequate price, I would say it should be between 1500 and 3500 euro, depending on what the package contains.

LoveArtDesign cooperates with different companies all over the globe and for this reason the price is given in euros. I know how long it takes to prepare the design, correct it, obtain graphics (legally!), development work of online shop, install all the content and, if needed, provide any help afterwards.
Aren’t there cheaper services available in the web? You might ask. Of course there are; this is why I’m writing this piece. Take your time, ask, compare and make decisions but make sure you base them on something more than the price itself. Quality is what pays off far better.

I’ve made you afraid of the costs, haven’t I? Come on, you can tell me. Let me just say that the quality of our products doesn’t mean they all come at the same price. Visit us at SERVICES and learn how cheap a quality Ecommerce shop can be.

I hope I’ve managed to resolve at least some of your doubts and give you the knowledge needed to find the proper company and become a successful online entrepreneur. Wishing you all the best on your way to professional career, I’d nevertheless like to design an online shop for you here at LoveArtDesign. Whatever we do, we always keep in mind the values you have just learnt about. Try us!

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